Learning at this level is likely to be for young people in S4 to S6 at school, in college or other means of study. It is the role of the teacher/facilitator to decide when a young person or group should be learning at this level. The learning activities which follow relate to learning at this level. There are also some suggestions for additional resources and learning. In terms of Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes, this level is concerned with extending or deepening what is described at Fourth Level. When using any of the material posted here please use the feedback form to share your experience of using it and any ideas for improvement.

Other key points about the learning activities here:

  • We are redrafting material based on feedback. Where you see V2 or V3 for example, this means version 2, version 3, etc. When you comment on material, please say which version you refer to.
  • The activities described are designed (approximately) for a 50-minute class/session.
  • The Activity Plans are not a script, they are a suggested approach with some proposed activities to support teaching and learning. If you are a confident practitioner, you might dip in and out of the activities. If you feel you will benefit from more of a structure, then you can use what is suggested. This may depend on the topic. Use feedback to let us know how you approached the learning and whether the activity plan provided what you needed.
  • The content is organised by Curriculum for Excellence Level. As the teacher/facilitator decisions need to be made about when to introduce and deliver a topic. In terms of progression across Levels this is supported by learning activities that address the same topic or theme and provide some balance of refreshing and building on learning – for example on topics like Social Media or Gender or Being a Parent/Carer. Again, use feedback to let us know what is helpful and what could be better.
  • We are actively seeking more digital content. It is not always easy to get copyright permissions, but if you know of good films, animations etc. let us know.
  • To use the slides provided, first download/save as and then open from your download folder/desktop location.
  • While we do all we can to ensure content is accessible across Local Authorities, there may be local firewalls that block some weblinks.

Thank you for being part of this exciting year. We look forward to your feedback.

Information for parents and carers about learning at this level

Recommended books for young people

(S.1) Make it good (V3)

(S.2) Consent and the Law (V4)

(S.3) Going out/Keeping yourself and others safe (V3)

(S.4) Sex (+ drugs + alcohol) (V3)

(S.5) Gender equality (V3)

(S.6) Communication with a partner (V3)

(S.7) Finding and using sexual health services and online information (V3)

(S.8) Preparing for Parenthood (V3)

(S.9) Stigma taboo and discrimination (V3)

(S.10) Contraception + condoms demonstration (refresh) (V4)

(S.11) Abortion

(S.12) Sex: Masturbation + Oral Sex + Anal Sex (V3)

(S.13) The Local and Global impact of HIV (V3)

(S.14) Prostitution + paying for sex (V3)

(S.15) Pornography (V3)

(S.16) Getting to know your body: Self-examination / Sexual problems