Learning at this Level is likely to be for young people in S4, S5 and S6 at school, in college or other means of study. It is the role of the teacher/facilitator to decide when a young person or group should be learning at this Level. An indication is given of content that could form the starting point of work, with progression to other topics also indicated.

If you have any technical difficulties with digital content, for example on platforms like YouTube, please check our Using digital content/URLS information. To use the slides provided, first download/’save as’ and then open from your download folder/desktop location.

The activities described are designed for a 50-minute class/session. The Activity Plans are not written as scripts, they are a suggested approach with some proposed activities to support teaching and learning. If you are a confident practitioner, you might dip in and out of the activities. If you feel you will benefit from more of a structure, then you can use what is suggested. This may depend on the topic.

To begin

Make it good/Relationships

Gender equality

Contraception + condoms

Finding and using sexual health services and online information


Going out

Sex (drugs and alcohol)

Getting to know your body: Self-examination and sexual problems


Communication with a partner

Sex: Masturbation, Oral and Anal sex

Preparing for parenthood

Human fertility and reproduction

Stigma, taboo and discrimination

Prostitution and paying for sex

Recommended books for your class/centre library and for reading at home