Some learners with additional support needs or learning disabilities will benefit from images that are more explicit than those used in the main body of material in the RSHP resource. This is because some learners do not comprehend the meaning of an image if it is nuanced or in any way ambiguous. The images in this section could be used to replace images in the main resource if this is what the individual or group you work with require. Or they can be used to construct a particular approach to a topic or theme, again guided by the learner’s needs.

As an educator who may use these images, you are required to make decisions about what is appropriate for your learners, and build an approach that is supported by your setting and ongoing engagement with parents and carers.

The images are organised into these categories:

  • The body
  • Condoms
  • Masturbation
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Pornography

To access the bank of images, please use the form below to email and request the URL. When you have the URL, you can share it with colleagues in your setting. The response is not automatic, so please allow us time to respond.

Here are some other image banks/resources:

Learning Disability Service NHS Leeds

A free Image Bank. Use the Search facility to search for topics including sex/sexual, body, contraception, condoms etc. You can tick the ‘Show sensitive images’ button.

Picture Yourself CD’s 1 and 2 

Resources to buy, which include a wide range of line drawings depicting growing up, puberty, masturbation, periods, sexual health, relationships, pregnancy, birth, parenting, and many more.