Learning at this level is likely to be for children in the pre-school years and P1, or later for some. It is the role of the teacher/facilitator to decide when a child or group should be learning at this level. When using any of the material posted here please use the feedback form to share your experience of using it and any ideas for improvement.

Information for parents and carers about learning at this level

Recommended books for your class/centre library 

and for reading at home

(EL1) My body (V3)

(EL2) My body belongs to me (V3)

(EL3) Unique, similar and different (V3)

(EL4) Our families (V3)

(EL5) People who help and look after me (V2)

(EL6) Asking questions, making choice; saying yes/saying no (V3)

(EL7) Friends and friendship/Helping others (V3)

(EL8) Playing together/Being kind (V2)

(EL9) Personal Space and Privacy (V3)

(EL10) When I feel sad or upset (V3)

(EL11) Looking after plants and animals (V2)

(EL12) Pregnancy/Looking after a baby (V3)

Experiences, Outcomes + Benchmarks for Early Level

Click the link to download Curriculum for Excellence Experiences/Outcomes and Benchmarks for RSHP at Early Level – EARLY LEVEL (Experiences Outcomes and Benchmarks)