Welcome to the material within the national RSHP resource that supports work with learners with additional support needs on some key topics.

The content in the thematic units offered here is intended for educators, parents and carers providing Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood education for learners aged 14+/16+ with additional support needs. The materials are for learners who, in terms of Curriculum for Excellence, are learning at what is described as Early, First or Second Level. This is a broad spectrum of cognitive ability but this content acknowledges that other parts of the national RSHP resource do not meet the needs of young people who require age-appropriate but also cognitively appropriate learning on some key topics.

A rights-based approach

All learners have a right to an education that meets their needs. Learning about relationships, sexual health and parenthood is the right of every child and young person. The teaching and learning resources in this resource support our shared efforts as adults and duty-bearers, in the context of the recent incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), to acknowledge the rights of every child.

Links between home and school/college

It is important for learners with additional support needs that there is a close relationship between school (or college) and home when it comes to RSHP education. This will ensure everyone works together to promote independence, personal safety and wellbeing for every child and young person.

More about how the resources are organised

There are 3 thematic units. In each you will find the main booklet which details the approach to learning in each theme. You will also find supporting PowerPoints or activities as detailed in the booklet. Then, you will find other content created by external providers that might support your work. The approaches and activities in each of the units are suggestions only, there is a need to carefully plan and personalise learning experiences.


If you work with learners with complex additional support needs (learning at pre–Early Level) you may also want to check out materials on this page: Complex ASN – RSHP