Using digital content/URLS

Teaching and learning benefits from the use of films and animations available on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The learning activities in the resource often link to such material. You may have no issues with accessing this media, but if you do you are likely to have control over your own internet settings and restrictions, meaning you can allow specific media to be shown if the URL is added to what is permissible. If necessary, please seek advice on this from colleagues in your setting/agency who can assist. To help, we have provided all the links used in the resource in the files below, you may want to have all approved.

If problems persist with accessing digital content, this may be because of internet speed/access issues. Again, seek advice.

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Mapping Learning

The learning activities across the RSHP resource support learning on a number of key themes. The information below provides two ways to map content.

Mapping by Curriculum for Excellence organisers within RSHP/Health and Wellbeing

Mapping by theme

The documents below identify material in relation to 7 themes – one might think of these as the narratives that run through the curriculum – supporting educators as they map progression across the curriculum.  


Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) comprises a broad general education from the age of 3 up to the end of S3 (the third year of secondary education) followed by a senior phase of learning from S4 to S6 in school, or in a College or community setting. RSHP sits within one of 8 curriculum areas, Health and Wellbeing. Curriculum for Excellence articulates a set of statements about learning and progression in each curriculum area, called Experiences and Outcomes, they are used to help plan learning and to assess progress. Then there are also Benchmarks which set out what learners need to know and be able to do to achieve a level across all curriculum areas.

In the development of this resource we have:

  • Drawn on best practice and teaching material used in settings across Scotland and internationally – updating and enhancing where necessary – and producing new material as required.
  • Engaged with educators, learners and parents in a year-long development process.
  • Addressed the need to improve the quality, relevance, consistency and coverage of RSHP education.
  • Developed material that supports professional judgement and progression in learning.
  • Sought to ensure that content reflects the values and principles which underpin teaching and learning of RSHP education. This means taking account of the diversity of learners and making explicit a commitment to the rights of children and young people including those with disabilities, girls and young women, and LGBT young people.
  • Provided a resource that acknowledges RSHP education within the broader ambition of improving health outcomes for the population.

Of course, children and young people do not just learn in formal settings, they also learn at home and so the RSHP resource makes that connection by recognising the role of parents and carers as the child’s first and lifelong educator. Many of the learning activities provided in the resource have information that can be shared with home, there are also book lists to be shared, and information leaflets that educators can use to communicate about RSHP learning at different Levels.

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