Supporting learners with additional support needs

The RSHP resource has been developed with an understanding that the starting point for RSHP education for learners with additional needs/disabilities is that they should be learning the same RSHP curriculum at the same time as their peers. While the main body of the RSHP resource offers learning activities to meet the diverse needs of learners in early learning, school, college and community settings we acknowledge that on occasion learners with additional support needs/disabilities will benefit from additional or enhanced content. This is what is provided in this section of the resource. Material is organised under these headings:


The programmes listed here have a range of audiences.
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Social stories are simple descriptions of social situations. They are used to teach social skills and are written from the perspective of the child/young person.
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The publications listed provide opportunities to focus on a specific topic or theme. They have been written to support learners with a range of additional support needs. They may usefully add to the educator’s implementation of the main body of material in this RSHP resource.
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4. LEARNERS AGED 14+/16+

The content in the thematic units offered here is intended for educators, parents and carers providing Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood education for learners aged 14+/16+ with additional support needs.
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Some learners with additional support needs or learning disabilities will benefit from images which are more explicit than those used in the main body of material in the RSHP resource. This is because some learners do not comprehend the meaning of an image if it is nuanced or in any way ambiguous.
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