About these images
We ask education/health colleagues who receive the password to access these images to respect the request that images are only used in specialist circumstances by educators, and with due consideration as outlined below.

Why provide these images?
Some learners with additional support needs or learning disabilities will benefit from images that are more explicit than those used in the main body of material in the RSHP resource. This is because some learners do not comprehend the meaning of an image if it is nuanced or in any way ambiguous. The images in this section could be used to replace images in the main resource if this is what the individual or group you work with require. Or they can be used to construct a particular approach to a topic or theme, again guided by learner needs.

These images have been curated to support work with learners in specific circumstances. As an educator who may use these images, you are required to make decisions about what is appropriate for your learners, and build an approach which is supported by your setting and ongoing engagement with parents and carers. Many of the images, if they are deemed useful, are likely to be used with young people in later stages of their secondary school education, in college or young adult services.

You can click on the images, then right-click and ‘save image as’ to download individual images for inclusion in PowerPoints or other documents. You can also click on the download buttons to view printable PDF files of all the images in each collection.

When you click on the gallery images to view larger copies, if the larger copy does not appear, please reload the page, wait a couple of minutes, and then try again. With the volume of hosted files, our server sometimes needs a moment to catch up. Thanks for your patience.

The body + puberty

You can download the Body image collection as a PDF file below:


You can download the Condom image collection as a PDF file below:

A useful set of Condom Demonstration images can be found here: www.centralsexualhealth.org/media/1062/how-to-put-on-a-condom.pdf


You can download the Masturbation image collection as a PDF file below:

Sexual intercourse

You can download the Sexual intercourse image collection as a PDF file below:


You can download the Pornography image collection as a PDF file below:

Animations on aspects of abuse, sex and contraception

The agency CHANGE have now put their easy-read books on to YouTube as animated videos.

Sexual Abuse (8 minutes 36)