Parents and carers supporting RSHP learning at home

During the coronavirus lockdown, and in this period of supporting learning at home, we hope this information is helpful.

The RSHP resource has information leaflets for parents about RSHP learning at home. These can be found on every Level page and so are appropriate for parents of children of different ages. Educators can share these with parents and carers to remind them that they are their child’s first and most important teacher. The leaflets have lots of ideas about making RSHP learning part of everyday conversations and activities.

In some areas RSHP educators are producing materials that support learning at home for nursery and primary school children. These draw on the RSHP resource and help parents and carers to think about how they can keep RSHP education as part of home learning. Here we share material from Healthy Respect in the Lothians and from colleagues in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as examples – these aren’t ‘designed’ and published formally, but can be helpful to share to support home learning.

Click the link-text below to download:

Finally, a couple of other useful things to stress when sharing information with parents and carers:

  • When viewing any videos on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo it is a good idea to check the clip out first, so you are aware of what adverts/promotions are before the clip begins and ends and what other videos are on display (these are randomly generated by YouTube/Vimeo).
  • Parents and carers can learn more about managing internet settings, restricting content and keeping up to date with parental controls on your devices, information is available here: