In this development phase, we want to focus on the role of the teacher/educator. The bullet points below are drawn from research with children and young people about what kind of RSHP education they want – thinking about the role of the facilitator and broadly what kind of approach is required.

In the coming months we would like to engage in a conversation about these questions:

  1. To what extent does your practice reflect the characteristics identified here?
  2. What information, support or skills development do you (and your colleagues) need so that it does?
  3. What would you add, amend or delete from this description?


  • Be confident and happy to teach RSHP topics
  • Plan the lessons, and know what they are doing
  • Be someone who has discussions with children and young people
  • Be approachable, someone a child/young person can talk to
  • Respect the privacy of the child/young person
  • Help children and young people to communicate better with parents about RSHP topics
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Be someone known, and not a ‘stand-in’.

THE ATMOSPHERE should be such that:

  • People are listening
  • No-one is embarrassed
  • Everyone can give an opinion and not be judged
  • No-one is frightened to give their opinion or ask a question
  • No-one is put under pressure to contribute
  • The teacher/educator respects the views of children/young people
  • Everyone understands the rules for the class/group.


  • RSHP covers everything children and young people want to learn about
  • There is a focus on the positive aspects of relationships
  • There is no repeating the same topics and doing the same things
  • Resources are up-to-date, dealing with issues that matter now
  • There is enough time to explore things
  • There is a chance to use real-life situations
  • There are things to do, but time to talk
  • There is no bias, negativity or nagging
  • There are opportunities to work together in groups
  • There is learning about where and how to get information, help or support
  • Experts and visitors sometimes help out.

Over to you. Use the Feedback Form below or email to discuss the role of the teacher/educator further.